A bad back can be a terrible inconvenience.

As well as being the cause of headaches and discomfort it can affect the quality of your life negatively. As such it’s important to know that the person treating you is qualified. At Crewe our in house chiropractor, Bill Kusiar, has 35 years of experience ensuring that you get the absolute best care.

A chiropractor is a manual therapy practitioner who specialises in the diagnosis and treatment of joint, muscle, or spine problems. As such, chiropractors have specific skills when it comes to alleviating especially painful conditions of the spine.

What can you expect from treatment?

A chiropractor’s main tool is their hands. For most spine problems a chiropractor will use manual manipulation to improve movement around stiff, swollen, or painful joints. In effect, a massage. The chiropractor will work to ensure that your back is loose and limber and any pain is alleviated.

Not only do chiropractors use their hands, they also use ice, ultrasound, and exercise to help improve the condition of a back. Often the issues that a bad back arise from can be related to bad posture. This is something a chiropractor will address during treatment.

Best and most considered treatment

Good posture and a healthy spine are important to us. Fortunately, Cheshire Dental Centre offers some of the best and most considered treatment for patients suffering from joint pain, spinal, and muscle pain, leaving you to relax knowing that you’re in safe hands.

Gifted chiropractor

Bill is a gifted chiropractor who has a special professional interest in the diagnosis and management of sciatica. He is also experienced in the prevention of injury as he provides high quality manual handling training programs for industry leaders.

We provide a caring environment for patients and it promises good health through better treatment. Find some respite from your back pain and let our skilled medical professionals take care of you. Make an appointment for a friendly chat and consultation today.