Introducing the Enlighten Evolution 3 Teeth Whitening System Blog

16 May 2014

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A bright, white smile can help us on our way to looking and feeling our best wherever we are or whatever we are doing. And thanks to advances in dental technology, a Hollywood smile is no longer the preserve of A-listers.

In fact, having the smile you’ve always dreamed of is now within anyone’s reach – thanks to advent of professional and affordable teeth whitening systems.

Leading the way in this area is Enlighten Evolution, a system that has been dubbed ‘the biggest breakthrough in teeth whitening in the last 10 years’.

Enlighten was the first system in the world to guarantee VITA shade B1, the brightest in the spectrum, for all cases, regardless of starting shade, ensuring a head-turning smile for each and every user.

Here at the Cheshire Dental Centre we want to ensure that most dazzling results for our all customers, which is why we are pleased to announce that we are now offering the Enlighten Evolution 3 teeth whitening system. Building on success of the pioneering system first introduced in 2005, Enlighten Evolution 3 draws on up-to-the minute technology to help achieve maximum whiteness while offering minimum sensitivity.

What makes Enlighten Evolution 3 so special?

With many of us leading busy lifestyles, it can be difficult to carve out time in our schedules to take care of our appearance in the way we might like to. Enlighten Evolution 3 is designed to make the process of getting a picture-perfect smile as easy as possible; giving you the smile you deserve in a workable timeframe.

Enlighten Evolution 3 is easy to use and your hygienist will be able to complete the in-office part of your procedure without the use of lights or high concentration gels. Patients can have the peace of mind they will not incur some of the side effects commonly associated with teeth whitening procedures as a result of using Enlighten Evolution 3 either.

This means no chemical burns, which often occur on gums, and no tooth dehydration which can occur during a teeth whitening procedure as the dentin and pulp inside a tooth expand and push water out.

You also won’t need to follow any specific dietary advice before using the system, meaning that you can continue to enjoy the food and drink you love, while you work towards your pearly whites.

Enlighten Evolution 3’s advanced system also means that sensitivity is reduced to near zero in most cases.

How does the system work?

Those who want to make their way to a smile they can be proud of without making multiple visits will be delighted to hear that the Enlighten Evolution 3 system can be carried out in the comfort of your own home.

The process is made up of 14 nights at home whitening followed by 40 minutes in office. That means you can achieve the perfect smile in a little over two weeks!

And to ensure that you smile continues to shine as bright as possible the Enlighten Evolution 3 system also includes a Tooth Serum. This can be used during the teeth whitening procedure to offer even more sheen and to prolong the whitening effect and protect and repair your teeth after the procedure is completed.

What do the professionals have to say?

Dental professionals have given the Enlighten Evolution system glowing reviews, including those below:

“Enlighten is the only product that I use knowing that there will be a big predictable lightening of tooth colour and also no pain or sensitivity. These two facts allow me to confidently prescribe Enlighten as my whitening system of choice.” Dr Jason Burns – Extreme Makeover UK Dentist, Qsmiles Whitening centre.