Dentist Fees and Finance Options

Finance options are available to help you achieve the smile of your dreams.


An exact quotation will only usually be possible after an examination as your clinical needs will determine the treatment your dentist will recommend.


New Patient Examination £65.00 inc X-rays

Routine Examination £48.00

Emergency Appointment £102.00

X-Rays (From) £10.00 each

Hygienist Visit 20 minutes £50.00

Perio-Chip – Hygienist £43.00

OPG X-Ray £40.00

CBCT Scan £195.00



Fissure Sealant From £35.00

Filling – Small From £95.00

Filling – Medium From £110.00

Filling – Large From £125.00

Root Canal Treatment From £350 - £550

Core Build-Up From £185.00

Crown Post (Fiber) £120.00

Crowns £575.00 - £950

Full Gold Crown Price on application

Re-cement Crown £80.00

Bridges (Per Tooth) From £575.00

Veneers (Per Tooth) From £575.00


Partial Acrylic Denture From £375.00

Full Acrylic Denture From £575.00

Partial Chrome Denture From £900.00

Full Chrome Denture From £1.300.00

Valplast Denture (Flexible) From £875.00

Denture Additions / Denture Repairs From £65.00

Night Splint £90.00

Sports Guard £85.00



Extraction – Simple £102.00

Extraction – Complex £153.00

Extraction – Advanced £185.00

Dental Implant Consultation Complimentary

Dental Implant Assessment – Tailored £220.00

Dental Implant (Per Implant) £1500.00

Dental Implant Crown (Per Crown) £895.00


ORTHODONTIC TREATMENTS – Provided by the Dentist

Initial Orthodontic Consultation £30.00

Quick Straight Fixed Appliance (Per Arch) Price on application

Retainer (Per Arch) £300.00

Six Month Smiles Price on application



Philips Zoom (Home Tray System) £295.00

Boutique – Guaranteed B1 Shade (Hollywood White) £425.00

Whitening Gel Refill (Each) £20.00

Whitening Gel Refill Kit £65.00




This is available through a company called Chrysalis Finance. Various interest rates/repayment packages are available, including 0% interest fee for treatments over £350.00 (subject to status). Fast, easy application process which can be completed in the comfort of your own home, with virtually instant decisions.

Please ask a member of staff for details


A 50% deposit is required at the time of booking treatment appointments and the remaining 50% balance is payable on the treatment appointment. During instances where multiple appointments are required then the remaining balance will be payable upon the 1st appointment in the sequence. For appointments with the Hygienist a £10.00 deposit is required at the time of booking the appointment and the remaining balance payable on the day of the appointment.


Covid-19 and your care

We have now received clear guidance as to what dental procedures we can safely carry out and at what stages during the pandemic.

Below is a summary of the guidance as we understand it, although this may modify over the next few days as some small inconsistencies are clarified.

The government has set five different risk levels for the pandemic 1-5 (low to high), although this changes on a daily basis.

The treatments that we can carry out safely in dental practice will change with the risk level.

Treatments are significantly limited at level 4.

During the next few weeks, we will attempt to contact each patient that has contacted us with a significant dental problem during lockdown, and we hope to book an assessment appointment for those patients in the week commencing 8th June.

Practice doors will be locked at level 3, 4 and 5. Entry to the practice will be limited to pre-booked appointments.

There will be very clear criteria provided in due course as what is required before arriving at the practice, and what the procedure will be upon arrival. We will endeavour to ensure that each person knows exactly what to expect at their visit as this will be quite different to what you have been used to.

The appointment diary will be structured to take into consideration those patients who are shielding, may have underlying medical issues and so on.

The first week is expected to be a slow start as we ensure that the new protocols are working effectively for everyone’s safety. These protocols will be audited and modified until required.

At level 4 we should be able to carry out the following:

Dental assessment (initially restricted to patients who have current urgent need, or did and contacted us during lockdown).

X rays but only for patients who tolerate them well.

TEMPORARY re cementation of crowns. (We cannot dry the tooth effectively enough to cement a crown permanently with the restrictions we face).

Fabrication or repair of removable dentures.

Simple dental extractions. If a tooth breaks, it is probable we will have to leave the roots in place until we are at a lower level of risk. Naturally, we will assess the risk very carefully prior to treatment.

Tightening of loose dental implants if possible, without using a high-speed handpiece (drill).

Temporary fillings.

Draining of a swelling/abscess.

Provision of antibiotics.

Trimming of sharp orthodontic wires (not reliable re cementation of loose brackets, or replacement of missing brackets).

Treatment is only to be offered after careful assessment.

Cosmetic orthodontics

Cheshire Dental Centre provide many of these treatments. We may now be able to progress some of our Quick Straight Teeth cases. We will be in touch with each patient shortly, but please allow us to contact you; we hope that it is understandable that we will be prioritising patients with urgent dental need.

The PPE (personal protective equipment) requirements for the above are not too onerous, and we will not look too different to normal. As you are aware, the cross-infection control at Cheshire Dental Centre has always been exemplary and one of our top priorities.

Although we have been organised with the new PPE guidelines well in advance there may be the occasional time where we are awaiting stock. All practices are attempting to source the necessary PPE we need to keep you and us safe, but supplies are scarce and consequently very expensive.