Dentists For Nervous Patients

Not everyone likes a visit to the dentist but some patients but some have more trouble stepping over the threshold than others.. We understand that not everyone enjoys popping in and as such we make sure that our staff are extremely compassionate towards nervous patients.

For those patients who are worried simply drop by for a friendly and informal chat. We have several options to ensure that you can get dental care too. The Cheshire Dental Centre in Crewe is a practice that feels that it should be inclusive and everyone needs dental care at some point or another. We devote time and patience to make the experience as painless and as comfortable as possible.

Relaxing sedative

One of the options we offer patients is a relaxing IV sedation. This is nothing to be intimidated by and is a simple sedative. We’ve found it lets patients get the treatment that they need without any of the stress or worry. It’s been really successful and our patients are much happier in general.

Visiting the dentist doesn’t have to be painful or scary. We believe that it should be a pleasant experience and one that leaves you feeling happy and cared for. We understand that many patients feel slight nervousness, but some have a severe phobia, of visiting the dentist.

Here are a number of steps that could be taken to overcome your anxiety:

  • Discuss your fears and anxieties with the dental team.
  • A safer alternative to general anaesthetics.
  • To ensure your safety it’s important to follow all instructions before and after your treatment.

We’re aware that not every patient likes to have dental treatment but many of us are happy to put up with it. Some patients do require additional methods of pain and anxiety control and for those patients there are a number of options that can be administered on their own or with a local anaesthetic.

Whatever type of patient you are, Cheshire Dental Centre offers considered and caring guidance to help you pick the best treatment option available.