Denture Implants & Repairs

These days a lost tooth can be replaced and gaps in your smile can easily be avoided. Modern dentures have a more natural appearance and are much more comfortable to wear and for those who have lost teeth prematurely – don’t worry.

The good news is that the quality and the fit of dentures have never been better. Our experts can explain your treatment options in detail and discuss fitting dentures, or partial dentures and how they can be used to transform your oral hygiene. Of course, by consulting a dentist there is the opportunity to discuss in detail your needs, wishes, and any questions you’d like to ask.

Best possible fit

Your dentist will carry out a thorough examination of your gums and bone structure and your treatment will involve having an impression taken of your gums. This means that you’ll get the best possible fit ensuring comfort and aesthetic appearance.

Dentures are no longer something reserved for the elderly or the infirm and we understand that your teeth undergo daily wear and tear. A good set of dentures can make all the difference, making eating and using your mouth a much more pleasant experience.

Enjoy everyday life

Good teeth give you the ability to enjoy everyday life, the freedom to smile, bite, and chew without giving it a second thought. Remember to visit the dentist regularly to avoid unnecessary tooth decay and loss but also to be aware of any adjustments to your dentures that need addressing. Your dentist will maintain the maximum amount of comfort and security possible ensuring a better smile and a happier, easier interaction with the day-to-day.

Your teeth are important and you should protect them as well as you can. Any tooth loss can appear unsightly and for many it will impact negatively on their overall self-esteem. Book an appointment with the Cheshire Dental Centre today and find out what we can do to put that sparkle back in your smile.