Endodontist: Root Canal Treatments

Root canal is probably one of the most well known terms in dentistry,however, many people still don’t know what it actually means or in whatsituations the procedure is likely to be necessary.

The Pain of an Abscess

The Root canal treatment is normally pursued when infection builds inthe mouth and an abscess forms. Abscesses typically manifest as painfultoothaches and can also darken the colour of the infected tooth. Aswell as being painful, the can make eating a lot less pleasurable.What’s more, they can be a cause of bad breath, leaving you feelingreally down in the dumps.

The sooner an abscess gets treatment, the better. Left unattended,it’s likely to spread infection elsewhere in the mouth; this is wherethe root canal treatment comes in.

A Modern Approach

Using modern methods and technology, your dentist at the Cheshire Dental Centre will clean out the infection in your tooth. Modern methods mean that itis possible to perform the procedure whilst ensuring you remain largelypain free the whole time. Once the procedure is complete, a temporaryfilling is fitted to your tooth until your dentist is satisfied that theinfection has cleared up. Once this has been confirmed, a morepermanent filling will be made and your mouth will be ready for activeduty once more.

At the Cheshire Dental Centre we have plenty of experience carryingout root canal work. As such, you can feel safe in the knowledge thatyou are being cared for by professionals who know exactly what they aredoing. If you have any questions about the procedure, or feel that youmay be in need of a root canal, our friendly dentists are happy todiscuss the procedure with you further.