Oral Cancer Screening

Oral Cancer Screening in Crewe, Cheshire

Regardless of the type of cancer, early detection can mean early treatment, which in turn, can stop the cancer growing and spreading. This is as true with oral cancer as with many other types and as such, you can’t be too careful.

Add to this the fact that around 5000 people are diagnosed with oral cancer in the UK every year and you have all the reason you need to make sure that you have regular check-ups.

The symptoms

There are lots of symptoms that can suggest oral cancer. These include mouth ulcers that never seem to go away, persistent pain in the mouth or even a tooth that appears to have come loose for no particular reason.

While it’s easy to self-diagnose, something that can often bring us to reaching the wrong conclusions, the sensible course of action is to consult a qualified dentist who can give you the once over and check for any irregularities before making a professional diagnosis.

Make an appointment today

Our dentists have years of experience and as well as knowing what to look out for, are skilled at making customers feel at ease, making your trip to the dentists as stress free as possible.

So why not get in touch and make an appointment today. The chances are your probably don’t have oral cancer, however, it’s better to be safe than sorry and the peace of mind you will get from a quick check up will be invaluable. We look forward to seeing you soon.