White Tooth Fillings

There are few things that make someone stand out in the crowd more than a beautiful smile revealing sparkling white teeth. Sadly, for years that has been something many of us can only dream of as we have had to settle for unsightly grey amalgam fillings that stand out a mile and leave our mouths looking less than perfect.

Have your cake and eat it

Great strides in dental technology means more and more people are able to opt for white fillings, meaning, those days of having to smile with your mouth closed are gone forever. Thanks to new materials that make white fillings considerably stronger than they once were, you no longer have to make a decision as to whether you prefer strength or aesthetics. Now you can have your cake and eat it (as long as you brush your teeth afterwards).

As well as strengthening your teeth, our fillings can repair any unsightly breakages and areas where your teeth are chipped. Add to this the beautiful white finish that can cover any staining that may have been caused by cigarettes or too many cups of coffee and you have everything you could want from a filling.

A perfect smile

At last you can have your teeth looking perfect without having to go down the road of expensive cosmetic options that can take a lot of time, and leave your bank account empty. S if you’ve had enough of dark fillings that make you feel uncomfortable, and if you miss those days when your smile lit up a room, give our friendly staff at the Cheshire Dental Service call today and see what we can do for you.